The Albufeira is a beachy town on the Algarve strip. It is characterized by white washed houses, cobbled streets and some great deep rooted culture. The perfect blue skies and the warm summers make Albufeira an inviting and warm location for you next vacation. The diversity of this destination is interesting – one part of the town has your classic old town charm with churches and great architecture, the Moorish feel and everything old school. The Strip part of the town allows you to enter into a chill zone with all day drinking and all night partying. Who wouldn’t like a weekend on the Albufeira?

The climate is usually warm in the town, with mildly cold winters. The picturesque beaches are crowned by the cliffs and enviable mountains. You can enjoy the view from the cliffs while soaking in the warn summer breeze and sunlight.

Albufeira has its own theme park that are situated close the town. There are shuttle buses to get there. Enjoy the sea life centre that introduces you to sea creatures.

The food Albufeira offers is a multicultural spread that ranges from Portuguese, English, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Spanish!