Leiria lies in the Beiras region of Portugal. This perfect town has a landscape comprised of hills and flatlands, each with its own charm. The true essence of this town lies in these beautiful landscapes that line the Lis River. The Leiria Castle, as the name itself suggests, is among the most noteworthy places in […]

Castelo Branco

The Castelo Branco is a district in the Centro District of Portugal. The city is mostly made up of the Freguesia parish with a population of approximately 31,000 citizens. This place is full of some of the best Baroque gardens. What makes the gardens stand out are the statues of kings and the zodiac signs. […]


Bragança is a tiny city known under the Bragança municipality located in north eastern Portugal. This destination has a population of about 35,000 people that makes it isolated enough to enjoy and yet social enough to explore. If castles catch your attention, then the Castle of Bragança is a place you cannot miss. It is […]


Beja is a municipality under the Alentejo region of Portugal. It has gorgeous architecture that lines the city and some great palaces that call out thousands of visitors every year. A small town that has a local population of about 22,000 people manages to attract attention for all the right reasons. This is all thanks […]


Aveiro lies on the west coast city of Portugal. It is a magnificently beautiful town that is nestled along the lagoon, Ria De Aveiro. It does not get more beautiful than this. With various water canals that pave their way around this beautiful place, you can get lost in the sheer beauty this town has […]


The Albufeira is a beachy town on the Algarve strip. It is characterized by white washed houses, cobbled streets and some great deep rooted culture. The perfect blue skies and the warm summers make Albufeira an inviting and warm location for you next vacation. The diversity of this destination is interesting – one part of […]

Things to do

Portugal and its endless beauty continue to mesmerise people around the world and offers a wide range of activities. From family vacations to romantic getaways, Portugal has something for everyone. Fado Bars in Alfama The little town of Alfama is the perfect place to try Fado. It is one of the most ancient districts of […]

The Portuguese People

Origin of the Portuguese The residents of Portugal speak Portuguese. This originates from roots of the Latin language. Portuguese people have a rich heritage that originates from the Celts, Latin, Romans, Germanics, Visigoths and Seubis. Religion The major religions practiced in Portugal are Christianity and Roman Catholicism. About 97% of the population is Roman Catholic. […]


The culture of any country can be summarized by the food, religion, ethnicity and origin of the people. All these factors express the cultural scenario of any city or country.   Origin of Portugal Portugal got its name from the Portus Cale. Portus Cale was the name baptized to a location near the Douro River. […]


The roots of this beautiful country lie in the stories of Guimarães. As a result of the continued rebellion of Dom Afonso, who defeated his own mother in the battle of São Mamede, the vicinity of Guimarães holds an important place in carving the history of this country. Portugal has seen many battles that stand […]