Aveiro lies on the west coast city of Portugal. It is a magnificently beautiful town that is nestled along the lagoon, Ria De Aveiro. It does not get more beautiful than this. With various water canals that pave their way around this beautiful place, you can get lost in the sheer beauty this town has to offer.

It is hard to miss the iconic colourful boats that line the canals of Aveiro, known as Barcos Moliceiros. These boats are used for harvesting, specifically seaweed.

Another popular visiting spot is the bell tower in the gorgeous Cathedral of Aveiro. This cathedral is a convent that houses a beautiful tomb. This tomb lies there is all its glitz and glory and marble magnificence.

Travellers can visit Museu de Arte Nova for everything artsy! This little town also houses the Costa Nova Beach.  It’s a strip of splendour. Let the sunsets get to you!