The Castelo Branco is a district in the Centro District of Portugal. The city is mostly made up of the Freguesia parish with a population of approximately 31,000 citizens. This place is full of some of the best Baroque gardens. What makes the gardens stand out are the statues of kings and the zodiac signs. These statues are laced around the ponds, terraces and beautiful staircases that are around the city.

One of the prime sightseeing places in Castelo Branco is the Jardim do Paco Episcopal. This place is a breathtakingly beautiful garden of the popular baroque style. It is an great place for a walk in the park, the statues of kings and zodiac signs will leave you with some good pictures.

The Francisco Tavares Proença Junior Museum also housed the Bishops Palace. It has a display of garden that was again of the Baroque style, adorned with the pretty lakes and fountains that will captivate your senses.

You could also visit the city park that has some leisure walking paths. The reflecting waters and fountains make it an ideal spot for those who want to experience a relaxed evening.