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Popularly known for the Coimbra University, this town has much more to offer. Coimbra is the oldest cities of Portugal and amongst the oldest cities of Europe and today features the perfect blend of the old school and modern buildings. Coimbra is a city with rich diversity and heritage.

The city has a unique bell tower that you can climb. The bell tower signifies the beginning and end of the classes in the Coimbra University. The Coimbra University founded in the 13th century is now classified as a World Heritage Site.

Some of the tourist worthy places in Coimbra is the Chapel of Sao Miguel, Sala dos Capelos hall that holds ceremonies. In the city that’s home to a world-known university, how could you miss the library? With archives that go back to the 16th century, the Joanine Library stands as a testimony of historical records. Old texts in gilt covered bookcases are a haven for bibliophiles. Places like the Monastery of Santa Cruz that rests the first king; Se Velha is another elemental site you must visit. The event of Queima Das Fitas is an interesting sight to watch, it signifies the graduation celebration for students.

Places such as The Machado de Castro National Museum tells you about the history of Coimbra. Some of the pretty gardens of Choupal and Quinta das Lágrimas are worth appreciating. Portugal dos Pequenitos is a park that boasts some of the main monuments on a miniature level.

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