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Lisbon will always be one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. This is especially because it is the capital city of Portugal, the very heart of the country. As it is with any other capital, Lisbon is a reflection of modernism imbibed at the right time.  However, Lisbon has never entirely lost touch with its deep European ethnic roots.

Its great climate definitely works in its favour. This beautiful climate continues almost all round the year. The Portuguese culture just adds on to the vibe this city gives off. It is the true reflection of the country. Lisbon has time and again been cited as one of the Top 10 cities in the world that you must visit. To make the most of your trip to Lisbon, it’s recommended travellers devote three to four days. Day tours are also available from Lisbon to Belem, Estrela or North Lisbon.

Lisbon usually has long summers, good spring or autumn season and mild winters. The best part about Lisbon is that is does not have a very specific tourist season and is usually functional through the year. This makes it one of the best spots to visit as per convenience.

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