The culture of any country can be summarized by the food, religion, ethnicity and origin of the people. All these factors express the cultural scenario of any city or country.


Origin of Portugal

Portugal got its name from the Portus Cale. Portus Cale was the name baptized to a location near the Douro River. This city of Portus Cale is what we today popularly known as the modern city of Porto.



Christianity is the religion that majorly dominates the religious belief of the people in Portugal. Roman Catholic is the main religion practiced in the country.


Country Location

It is the six largest countries in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal spans over 35,516 square miles. Due to its costal location, Portugal has seen settlers from all over the world going back centuries.


Important Cities

Lisbon and Porto dominate the modern day business scene. It is the working hub today and the centre of all important and relevant activities.



The Age of Discovery is the most important phase for Portugal. The Portuguese have always been travellers, explores and wanderers. Therefore, the national flag adorns the symbol of an ancient device that was liked to astronomy (the armillary sphere). This was used for navigation purposes, and hence is the perfect symbol to depict the years of Portuguese exploration.


Architecture and Plan

The Azulejos is the founding pillar of Portuguese architecture. It is basically ceramic tiles with a glazed sheen that covers up all the churches, buildings and houses. It was originally introduced to Portugal by the moors. However, the mark of this is seen globally it places where the Portuguese had taken control.