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Being in Portugal is a synonym for being one with nature and Alentejo is a testimony of the statement. Alentejo is a breathtakingly beautiful city that is characterized with a rather slow paced life.

The landscape contains dispersed trees like olive and cork. This place has a great vantage point called as the Santarem that overlooks the Tagus River. The hills are beautifully lined with white walled house and towns that gives the place a magical feel. There are castles that tell stories of bloody wars followed by years of stillness. Through it all stood the mountains and landscapes. You will also come across walled towns like the Marvão and Monsaraz that makes you appreciate the beauty of Portugal full vigour.

Here the cultural ethnicity and spiritual undertones take a unified form. Cities like the Elvas, Evora are World Heritage cites. Cities like Santarem, Portalegre , Beja were initially the founding Jewish quarters.

The flatlands of Alentejo make it great driving and cycling attractions. Bird watching is also popular in the Alqueva with the serene and calming waters.

The costal beach has its own reasons to call out to you. A haven for surfers, Alentejo is full of cliffs and coves that make it the perfect surfing spot. The aromatic seafood and wines that sooth your soul are what keeps the Alentejo live and beating. This place is a small piece of heaven cut aside just for you.

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