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This is truly a surreal destination to experience. The Azores islands are nestled in the arms of the Atlantic Ocean, which means the islands have a myriad of weather conditions all across the spectrum.

The place was known for some of its volcanic activity, meaning travellers will find some beautiful black sand on the shores of a few beaches. One of the best ways to enjoy this place is to come as close as possible to the beautiful shores.

Some great hot water springs are spread across the city. The Atlantic can be cold; therefore the hot water springs can help keep you all warm and fuzzy.

Go to the Sao Miguel and experience some of the new adventures. Everything from riding to cycling to horse riding is available. Why not enjoy these in the peaceful and tranquil islands of the Azores? On Terceira, the world heritage sites of Angra do Heroismo that has various festivals imbibed deep in its historical cultures.

If cheese is what you love, Sao Jorge is a must visit for you. The vineyards of graciosa are both graceful and beautiful.

Known for diving, the Azores islands are perfect for those looking to explore the world beneath the surface. Make yourself a part of the perfect Azores vacation. Dive into the depths of the ocean and enjoy the serenity of this destination.

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