Leiria lies in the Beiras region of Portugal. This perfect town has a landscape comprised of hills and flatlands, each with its own charm. The true essence of this town lies in these beautiful landscapes that line the Lis River.

The Leiria Castle, as the name itself suggests, is among the most noteworthy places in Leiria. It has been brought back into the shape through many restorations. Today the gothic architecture of this place is prominent and worth a visit.

This town has a typical cobbled stoned street that lets you enjoy the European dream vacation. The old church of Saint Pedro that dates back to the 12th century, even today holds a lot of elegance and status.

The Rodriguez Lobo square is the main city centre and is popular for its craft display especially the famous glasswork.

The town also boasts its artwork and finesse in the perfect artisan wares that is the key highlight of this destination. Lieria is a great town to experience proper European culture and have a look at the great artisan work that is present even today.