Origin of the Portuguese

The residents of Portugal speak Portuguese. This originates from roots of the Latin language. Portuguese people have a rich heritage that originates from the Celts, Latin, Romans, Germanics, Visigoths and Seubis.


The major religions practiced in Portugal are Christianity and Roman Catholicism. About 97% of the population is Roman Catholic. People from rural Portugal are religious in much more superstitious way, believing in omens, traditions and following religious practices.

Roots of Ethnicity

Individuals from Portuguese classify themselves as ‘Others’ within the census records. This is because, those who were not of the Spanish origin were allowed to be called Latinos. Those that originated from the Iberian Peninsula region did not prefer being called Latinos or Hispanics. However, based on the loose definition of Hispanics, people from the Iberian Peninsula are also included under the Hispanic bracket.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Portugal has a population of about ten million people. Lisbon, the capital, is home to two million living in the metropolitan part of the country. Portugal has a large diaspora of people who have come in here through the centuries. Therefore a mix of the Celts, Germanic, Moors and Jews all exist within this country.

Essence of the people of Portuguese

In general, the Portuguese people are very friendly and easy in mingle with. It is believed that the northern part of Portugal is more conservative. Festivals are followed with great fervour and is has followed in both rural as well as the urban parts of Portugal. Cafes are extremely popular in Portugal.