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Art and Culture

Visual Arts

Rich with art and bursting with culture, Portugal is home to many masterpiece works of art. The country is home to many sculptures that were discovered in tombs belonging to the 12th and 13th century.

In the 15th century, artists left their mark by decorating palaces and convents with religious art. The late 18th century yielded baroque wood sculptures, of which those by Joaquim Machado de Castro are well-known. He was influenced by traditions in Italian and French art.
Nineteenth century Portugal returned to Roman inspired creations followed by a period of naturalist realism. A hundred years later Maria Helena Vieira da Silva became the most celebrated abstract painter and Carlos Botelho was noted for his street scenes of Lisbon.



Roman and Gothic influences gave the country many cathedrals. It is found in the villages and towns of Portugal and in the monuments and traditions which bring together influences that the Portuguese have applied creatively.