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Culinary delights bring countries closer than they appear on the map. Portugal is famous for its fresh produce and equally fresh, home-cooked meals. There is more to Portugal than Bacalhau! With some great delicacies that have great costal sea food as the base, the aroma of Portugal food is tempting.

When you’re travelling to a new country, tasting and sampling the local cuisine is half the experience! Visiting Portugal? Don’t miss out on these dishes!


The famous Bacalhau of Portugal is a treat to your taste buds! Bacalhau is a salted cod fish preparation that originates from Norway. There is various ways to cook this popular meal. Various ports like the Mozambique, Cape Verde, Macau and Brazil all have their own versions of this delicious dish. In Porto, Bacalhau is made with cod, onions, potatoes and eggs.

Sweet Toothed favourites

Like most of Europe, the bakery and patisserie skills of Portugal is loved globally. It all began with women of the church developing sweet treats. To give furthered impetus to the charity work, more women and church staff came together to deliver for the charity work. Some of the sweet treats with religious undertones are e toucinho do céu (heaven’s lard) or barriga de freiras (nun’s belly). If you wish to have something tastefully Portuguese, you must try the pastel de nata, an egg custard you will not forget.


Portuguese food is incomplete without the mention of sausages. The Portuguese are known to add sausages into every type of dish that demands a typical flavour. The must haves are chourico, spicy dried pork meat sausage with blended spices. Alheira sausage is also used, which contains chicken, and/or duck.


Talk costal region, talk sea food. The deep intertwined connection between seafood and Portugal is inexplicable. Portugal contains a wide variety of some great sea food options. Seafood cooked various ways is quite popular throughout the country. Using fresh produce in their seafood as well as the add-ons are very important. Some of the fishes available are mackerel, sardines, tuna, sea bass, octopus, squid, anchovies, swordfish, sweet Portuguese clams, crabs, oysters, mussels, and lobsters.

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