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Portugal is a quintessential Mediterranean climate region and is characterized by typical costal region temperatures and weather patterns. Portugal witnesses wet winter seasons, with about 14 dry days on an average. A good warm sunshine of about 5-6 hours can be easily expected each day. An eventual transition into spring implies the temperatures soaring up to about 22°C. Spring kicks in around May and it is a pleasant weather to experience if warm sunny places are preferred.

The summer months are rather sunnier and much more refreshing. The breezy weather is out there to be enjoyed by residents and vacationers alike. A pleasant sunshine for about 11-12 hours a day keeps you warm. This suggests higher number of dry days, as high as 29 dry days in the month. The months of September and October sometimes are the extended summer months. Temperature range between 26°-27°C on the higher spectrum to 17°-18°C on the lower end of the spectrum. Temperature begins to go lower in November. Autumn end is characterized by the wet period, however about 12-15 dry days are witnessed.

What do I wear?

Since Portugal is characterized by perfect warm, wet weather. For summers, it is always advisable for individuals to have some light summer clothes on. For the winters, light rainy wear is always advisable along with warmer clothing. Evenings tend to have a cooler weather, therefore a warm sweatshirt or stole is always helpful…